Increasing Marketing Impact by Layering Media

One of the most rewarding challenges I’ve faced in my career as a marketer was the task of creating a regional marketing plan for a large national brand.  The company is a well known real estate franchisor and my role was to focus on 22 western states, 73 market areas and the 1,300 franchisees therein.  With such a large, diverse territory I wasn’t going to be effective with a single media strategy.

This is where the concept of layering comes in.  Think of it as “marketing irrigation” – creating channels through which a larger media plan can flow to a local market.  One article can’t cover what years of experience can teach but here are a few considerations to selecting the proper marketing vehicles or channels to create layered exposure. Continue reading “Increasing Marketing Impact by Layering Media”

The Building Blocks of Effective Account Management

What makes an effective account manager?  It’s certainly measured in results – sales, renewals, referrals – but how do you achieve those results?  We’ve all had experiences with clients that for all our efforts it just didn’t go our way, so why do some accounts thrive and others falter and how much of that is due to the account manager?

Account Management is an interesting role; it’s comprised of so many other skills and specialties.  Therein lies the challenge…and the reward!  A good account manager pulls from a variety of experience, skills and talents.  Success is not only measured in sales but in loyalty.  Capturing market share from competitors in repeat business is a mark of true success.  It takes a lot more to build customer loyalty than to motivate a single or short-term sale. Continue reading “The Building Blocks of Effective Account Management”