Boosting Brand Preference: The Voice of Your Customer

Brand awareness, the measurement of consumers’ knowledge of your brand and brand image, how consumers perceive your company, product or service, is a marriage that directly translates to “wallet share.”  Developing a positive, meaningful and powerful brand image will create customer stickiness that translates into sales.

But what happens when your brand awareness and image are strong and top of mind yet your brand preference scores lower on the scale than your competition?  How do you affect the decision making process so your customers will choose your company, your product or service instead of your competitor’s?

Brand preference is defined as the “measure of brand loyalty in which a consumer will choose a particular brand in the presence of competing brands, but will accept substitutes if that brand is not available.”  If your brand awareness or image isn’t the problem then let’s explore three of the most popular issues that impact brand preference.  It’s all about listening to the voice of the customer. Continue reading “Boosting Brand Preference: The Voice of Your Customer”