“Becky Sebring is a highly successful Marketing Executive and I have known and worked with her for a number of years. I would recommend her for various Marketing and Account Management poistions. Becky has the ability to create target market plans, manage various agencies all working toward a common marketing objective. Becky is effective in Brand Management and has the ability to work with difficult franchisees. Becky is an Outstanding person and I would hire her again.”

Tom Kunz, Vice President, Western Division, Century 21 Real Estate


“Becky is extraordinary — the absolute backbone behind First American’s and Zip’s strategic partnership. Both companies had large, diverse teams (both functionally and geographically) which we needed to harness across multiple initiatives in complex operating environments. Her energy, attentiveness, tirelessness, ability to anticipate what was needed next, friendliness, thoroughness, and general smarts combined well with a solid sense of ethics and fair play. I can honestly say that every opportunity or challenge that we faced together was made better by her participation. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again, and I know she will be a tremendous asset to whichever organization she joins.”

Scott Bekemeyer, Vice President, Business Development, ZipRealty


“I worked with Becky for several years during which she played THE key role in delivering top notch service from First American branch offices nationwide in support of ZipRealty’s sales operations. In sum, Becky was a standout partner for us. Her world class focus on customer service combined with exceptional communications skills and determined follow through on all initiatives clearly set her above other core business partners ZipRealty has worked with. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Becky in the future.”

Stefan Peterson, Vice President of Operations, ZipRealty


“I highly recommend Becky Sebring as I have watched her accomplish tasks with very difficult, demanding and challenging customers. We worked in the residential real estate service business selling technology to Realtors that did not understand why they needed these products and did not have the money to pay for them. Becky was a “listener”, who was client oriented and knowledable about broker needs and how to satisfy them. Her positive personality allows her to be consistent, and at all times professional which leads to a “win- win” ongoing relationship for she and her customer / client.”

Ken Tuchtan, Vice President, First American Title Company

“Upbeat, always exhibiting the highest levels of professionalism, classy, and responsive. Becky has a rare gift – someone who possesses all these qualities and more.”

John Ellinthorpe, Director Business Development, ZipRealty


“It was a pleasure to work with Becky as she implemented many innovative and creative programs and tools that were a definite benefit to our Realty World Brokers. Becky is a professional in every sense of the word. If you have the opportunity to work with her, please take it.”

Bonnie Mays, Vice President & Broker/Owner, Realty World America


“Becky is a highly motivated individual. As Account Manager, she was given responsibility for a territory and new account base across the country from our Corporate Headquarters. She demonstrated she was a real self starter who needed very little supervision to meet her goals. Becky is quickly able to build relationships with a wide range of customers. I have learned that when given a challenge, Becky will find a way to get the job done. She has excellent communication skills and was always a very enthusiastic member of our team.”

Mike Tetreau, Sr. Vice President, Home-Link Services, Inc


“Becky is an exceptional marketer who knows how to get the best work out of her colleagues and marketing partners. She provides very tight strategy, knows how to push the envelope from a creative standpoint, and is well-versed in media, online activities and customer service. We were in the trenches together for Century 21 Real Estate and REEZ, and even in an extreme deadline environment, her organizational and time management skills made the process so much easier. It also helps that she has a very even-keeled and fun personality, making her a pleasure to be around.”

John Peretz, President, Fireball Marketing, Inc.

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